Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Artist Expression

The theme of the collection is expressing oneself. The prints showcase an artistic process: you can see strong colour combinations, brush strokes, and paint drops – some of them being hand-made. Materials are all natural: linen, cotton, viscose and silk.

Fashion That Makes You Stronger

I believe that clothing is something that should support your own self. One should feel comfortable and beautiful within the cloth. The styles of the spring/summer 2019 collection are made to empower you. They have the feeling of an individual character.

The Fine Line Between Art and Fashion

Tiina Kivinen is an established Finnish Artist with whom we share the love for the magic of the Finnish nature – and decided to co-operate. I am working with textile and shapes. She can visually capture the spirit of the wild in her artform using the means of metal graphic artform. ' Some of the prints in the collection are created from those fine lines.


The Social Aspect

Many of the printed fabrics have been dyed in co-operation with African artisans using their traditional techniques. The usage of colours in Nigeria where I work is extraordinary. I think the fullness of sun light makes one see the colours differently. We also work with the artisans to support the female entrepreneurs to run their own businesses. By choosing these garments you are also empowering them in communities.