Fashion runway shows are truly something special. There is real buzz, excitement, fun and glamour in the air. They are the highlight for every designer.

A fashion show is an opportunity to present a particular aesthetic, a particular mood, a particular feeling or point of view. For this reason, fashion shows tend to be more conceptual and focused on a higher-level idea than a normal clothing collection. Some major fashion houses design certain clothes just for a runway show and they too abstract and crazy to be ever sold in a store. We are of course not that extravagant. We usually select the eye-catching signature pieces of a collection to be presented in a runway show.

"I remember very well my first international runway show. It was during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin in 2011. I was backstage fixing the dresses on the models and it was all very hectic. I completely missed to see the show." - Marita

Since then we have participated in runway shows in Helsinki, London, Moscow and New York.