Sustainability is for us so self-evident that we do not try to differentiate ourselves over sustainability. For us that is a mininum requirement.

Use of sustainable and natural materials.

Choosing materials for a product is the first step a designer has an impact on the environment.

Today’s clothing production is vastly based on synthetic materials. They are cheap to produce but unfortunately it takes them many years to degrade thus leaving waste behind for many years to come. Our policy is to use as much as possible natural materials, such as cotton, wool or linen and also materials from animal skins such fur and leather.

Over 90% of the material used in our products is of natural origin. In certain cases, we use synthetic materials for functionality (e.g. stretch) and protection (e.g. water-repelling) reasons.

Fur and leather materials are always from wild or semi-wild source, the means that the animals have not lived in captivity and where either hunted in order to control the animal population or the skins are a by-product of the meat industry. You can find more information about our wild concept here.

Sustainable operations and degradable packaging.

Where possible we try to produce as locally to our consumers as possible so that we do not create unnecessary CO2 emissions. And most of our factories are nearby in the European Union. However, sometimes it makes ecological sense to also produce at the source of the raw material, for example in Asia in the case of cashmere products.

When shipping our materials and products to and from factories and also customer deliveries we always use carbon neutral shipping options.

In the production process we have eliminated any excess waste such as plastics for package, wherever possible.

We try to reduce the waste from packaging as much as possible. Of course, we have never used plastic bags. At the moment we provide recycled papers bags for our customers, but we would like to even further and offer soon a bag option that the customer will not through and will use for many years.

Timeless design and product quality.

Our design philosophy follows the principle of not creating anything wasteful into this world. Therefore, the products need to be functional and long-lasting in design, so that our customers want to enjoy them for a long time. We aim to create products that do not go out of fashion next season but are timeless in their design.

Together with our production partners we strive to create products that are durable and last, so that our customer can enjoy them for a long time.

Timeless design and high product quality will hopefully convince consumers to buy less and instead buy products of higher aesthetic value and quality.