Wild Finnish Fur Concept

The WILD Concept is a new approach to enjoying fur. The collection consists of beautiful, elegant and light fur items and stand style-wise apart from the traditional fur fashion. What makes WILD unique is that it offers an ethical and responsible way of wearing fur as it is not using fur of any farmed animals.

WILD is approaching the use of fur material from a different angle. Instead of using farmed animals only skins of animals that had to be hunted in the Finnish wilderness for conversational reasons are utilized. In Finland, many thousand animals need to be shot every year to help maintain a balanced eco-system, to protect other animal populations and to control the spreading of diseases. The fur used for the WILD Concept is bought directly from registered Finnish hunters that hunt the animals within the allowed quotas by the government. The wild origin of the furs is assured by the Wild Finnish Fur label. Together with the Wild Finnish Fur Association Marita has the developed this alternative fur concept in order to prevent fur available from hunting to go to waste and so to cherish the life given. It can be guaranteed that the animals used for the WILD Concept have not suffered to become a fashion item.

Fur itself is an eco-friendly material as it is a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Also, clothes made of fur are durable for many years which stands in contrast to today fast-fashion and consumerism trends. Thus WILD offers an alternative fur concept which does not only appeal to traditional fur customers but it also successfully attracts customers that otherwise would not wear fur. WILD allows you to enjoy fur with a good conscience.